Kevin Ashcraft

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I'm Kevin Ashcraft, a computer programmer and amateur radio operator in Central Florida.

My Apps


Ham Radio Checkin & Chat
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EagleLogger is an app I made to help log checkins to the EagleNet (I'm the NCS on Tuesdays). It's been an ongoing project with a few simple features with a stack that's usually a reflection of my professional environment. This version, the third, is the most streamlined and stable yet, being the easiest to maintaine while also costing the least in overhead.

  • Imported FCC ULS Database
  • Synchronizes with daily transaction logs
  • Migrated Previous MySQL, PostgreSQL databases and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Real-time data updates in the UI thanks to Firestore snapshot watchers
  • This is the third version of EagleLogger. Using VueJS+Firestore
  • The first version was PolymerJS+MySQL, and the second VueJS+PostgreSQL
  • HTML+JS is hosted on a K8s cluster


Language Photo Flashcards
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RoboFlash is an app to help learn foreign langauge vocab.

  • Word lists are maintained in Google Sheets for easy colaboration
  • Translation is done by Google Translate (within Google Sheets)
  • Audio is generated from the Google Text-to-Speech API
  • Static images are imported from the PixaBay API
  • GIFs are imported from the Giphy API
  • Language decks are JSON files stored on Google Cloud Storage
  • On devices, deck data is permanently stored and works offline

Bird Song Identifier
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Show Less is an app my wife invented (originally as an animal sound identifier) that uses the mic on your phone to listen to a few seconds of bird audio. That audio is transformed into a spectrogram and then send into an ML model that we trained to recgonize over 1,000 different species.

  • Processed over 300,000 audio files for over 4,000 species
  • Scraped Wikipedia for information on each animal to separate bird/non-bird
  • Used Sound Event Detection - training multiple models to isolate significant audio segments
  • Trained model and processed audio in python, converted to JS with TensorFlowJS
  • The app uses Web Audio API for cross-platform microphone access